Start A Pool

Run Your Pool has an official website where you can start your own pool. You can easily create multiple entries using just one email address and one main account at Run Your Pool. You can create as many entries as you like by default, but pool managers can limit how many you can have.


A new pool can be set up quickly and easily. The portal is easy to use and has a friendly interface, making it easy for you to access the website. Configuration options are available in various variants so that the member can customize multiple settings through the portal.

How To Start A Pool?

Run Your Pool allows its users to host private games such as pro football, basketball, golf, soccer, and hockey, as well as pool and prediction games. In order to start your own pool, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the link at
  • Additionally, you can select your interest, such as soccer, pro hockey, etc.
  • You can then click over to your niche.
  • You will find the start now button according to your preference.
  • Similar to that, you will be redirected to a new page that asks for a lot of information.
  • Fill them one by one.
  • In addition, you must click on the button that says Start Pool Now.


The pool commissioner’s responsibility is to inform friends, family, and coworkers that the pool is open and how they can join. Run Your Pool Login streamlines this process by sending you a confirmation email that includes a special section.

Using the pool hosting services requires a small fee from the pool commissioner. In any case, Run Your Pool does not distribute winnings to the pool members. Their services are even available on a trial basis before making any commitments.